Helpful Tips When Looking For A Windshield Repair Company

22 May 2020
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There may come a point in time when your windshield develops a crack. If it's small enough, it can still be repaired before it gets any bigger and requires a windshield replacement. Finding a windshield repair company to take care of this crack won't be challenging if you utilize these tips. Make Sure Resin Solutions Are High-Quality For cracks, glass resin solutions will be applied inside. They help create a protective seal inside and decrease the size of the crack so much so that it may not even be noticeable anymore. Read More 

Auto Glass Enhancements: Aftermarket Additions To Make Your Windows And Windshields Better

5 February 2020
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Most people buy a car and drive away from the dealership never knowing or realizing that they can add enhancements to their vehicles. These aftermarket additions can be really beneficial, too. Take auto glass enhancements, for example. The following additions can make your windows and windshields even better than they are now.  Tinting Tinting is a dip and spray process that will make your windshields and windows darker from the outside and prevent solar glare and excess heat from the inside. Read More 

Storm Protection Windows And Glass

21 January 2020
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People don't have to worry about their windows shattering during storms. The right laminated type of glass can prevent this.  The Windows That Can Help Defend Homes Against Severe Weather Patterns Are Typically Made Using Special Laminated Types of Glass In order for windows to truly offer enough of a defense during the most dramatic weather conditions, they have to be resistant to breaking-in situations that would threaten the structural integrity of most other windows. Read More 

Options Available With Graffiti Window Film

16 January 2020
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In many major cities, crime and property damage are a common things. For many small business owners, damage to their store fronts, including damage from vandalism and graffiti, can be devastating. Not only does graffiti make a store facade look bad, it can give the impression that a store isn't well taken care of. Worst of all, it can be incredibly expensive to replace windows that have been damaged by criminal behavior. Read More 

Winter Weather Just Cracked Your Windshield. What Do You Do Now?

9 January 2020
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Winter is not a fun time of year to be out on the road in many parts of the country. There is snow to deal with as well as road salt that can mess up your car's paint job. You could also be more likely to suffer a crack on your windshield, like if a large piece of hail came down during an ice storm, or if the dump truck in front of you lost control and something fell out the back of the truck and popped up onto your glass. Read More